...any information will help


In order to limit expenses for postage, printing, paper and labels, we are working VERY hard to contact as many of our alumni electronically as possible.  Between the postage, flyers and labels, our costs have been upwards of $800 in the past as well as an extremely high volume of returns on our mailers.  At this stage in our lives, many have moved on to a new chapter of their lives which will create an even greater number of returned mail than in previous years.  Since most people don't change their e-mail address or phone number(s), this appears to be a more viable option to communicate with our fellow classmates.
The committee would like to thank you in advance for any help you can provide in finding our missing Warriors!
You may contact one of the committee members directly or use the "Contact Me" page on this website.

Bold italics indicates no e-mail address. All others we have no info.
Abbards, Dave Lessley, Curtis
Amundson-Mayers, Candy Letendre, Steve
Anderson-Thomas, Lorna Lewis, Craig
Armstrong, Jerry Lewis-Nestle, Diane
Auclair, Leo Little, Jackie
  Long, Greg
Baade, Roger Looney, Yvette
Back, Stephen Loyd-Spry, Candy
Barnum, Jim Lundeen, Bruce
Benningfield, Dennis  
Bethea, Barbara Martes, Dave
Bianchi, Tony Martin, Linda L
Bishop, Tony Martin-Johnston, Linda D
Bogan, Gerry Martin, Kathleen
Booge, Jim Maughan, Jeff
Bree-Unbehaun, Cheryl Maxwell, Patsy
Brose-Cassidy, Chris May-Morris, Linda
Brown, Bruce Mayer, Russ
Bruno, Jennifer McCowen-Howenstine, Dru
Brush, David  
Buchanan-Harris, Linda McCutcheon, Debbie
Bucker-Rivas, Peggy McDermott, Patty
Burford-Davis, Debra McGaughey. Don
Burpo-Bennett, Linda McKane, Richard
Burton, Anthony Mead, Don
Bush, Steve Megurian-Moder, Mary
  Middleton, Tom
Casserman, Harry Miles-Cortez, Becky
Chandler, Sandy  
Churchill, Carol Miller, Jr., Keith
Clark, Don Moore, Brenda
Clayton, Janet Morris (Rossmore), Mike
Coats, Lydia Morrison, Lyn
Coleman, Sue Mulhair-Medina, Carolyn
Cooper, Bob Mullens, Jim
Corso-Morissey, Susan Myers, Rod
Coshow, Gary  
Couts, Art Nakaji-Wienburg, Cheryl
Cowden, Don Nelson, Stephen
Crawford-Holloway, Sandy Nord, Janet
Creager, Gerry Notch-Becher, Barbara
Curtis, Greg Nowakowski-Jordan, Linda
Cuthbert, Earl  
  Parrish-Mikuski, Rhonda
Dawson, Sandie Parsons, Sharon
Decker, Diane Patton, Gerald
Dials, Pam Pelley, Steve
Dopf-Spitzform, Robin Phelan, Steve
Dudacek, Lee Phelps, Bill
Dutton-Duran, Vicky Poole, Rick
  Potter-Thielmann-VanAnda, Linda
Eaker, Roger Poush, Jim
Eldridge-Minner, Kathleen  
Elliott, Mike Reed or Read, Chris
England, Robert Reel, Shelia
Erickson, Lydia Rich, Ken
Erving-Bow, Leslie Robison, Steve
Etingoff, Elaine Rose, Kathleen
Evans, Darryl Rumbaugh, Marilyn
Evans, Kathleen Russell, Danny
Falconer, Tim Sandowich, Tom
Farrer-Allen, Annette Saville-Turlo, Gail
Ferguson, Tim Schmuck, Dan
Ferris-Jones, Linda Searcy, Nancy
Figueras-Campbell, Sue Shupe, Bob
Findlay, Bill Sieli-Thompson, Bonnie
Fischer, Tom Simcoe, Scott
Forbes, Carolyn Smith-Lavallee, Gay
Ford-Stroud, Paula Smith, Stephen
Forester, Ron Smith, Tim
Fowler-Freed, Susan Smith, Vaughn
Frederickson-Howard, Linda Smith, William
Freeman, Linda Spero, Nathan
  St. John-Teague, Kris
Gage-Poush, Pam Stackhouse, Dennis
Gibbons-Henry, Carole Staley-Bergen, Lorna
Gipson-Selfridge, Vickie Steele, Chris
Glenn, Pat Stern, Sherry
Glover, Mary Stone, Deborah
Golden, Gary Story, Sandra
Goldstein-Fink, Bettynan Stowe, Deborah
Good, Regina Strobel, Mike
Grant, Greg Stroh, Chic
Griffiths-Schaffer, Susie Stull, Mike
  Stutzman, Shirley
Hamlin-Turkettle, Laurie Sullivan-Corbin-Guthrie, Debbie
Hanson, Bruce Sumner, Crystal
Harte-Moore, Marilyn Sumpter, Ron
Haston-Fraser, Janice  
Heffner, Sue Taylor, Rob
Helms-Dagel-Dunn, LaCinda Thomas-Mosquera, Clara
Hendersen, Linda Thomas, Larry 
Herman-Cain, Kathy Thomas-Olmstedt, Trish
Herschler, Jim Thompson, Connie
Hester, Sally Townsend, Don
Hill, William  
Hinton, Judy Ucci, Lance
Hoffman, Debra Underwood, Lorna
Hoops-Goolsby, Kim  
Hoover, Eric Vallens, Larry
Houston, Rick  
Howard-Mason, Brenda Wall, Mark
Howard-Barackman, Sandy Walters-Triesch, Debbie
Huddleston-Thomson, Adell Wattles, Allan
Huddleston-Myashita, Linda Weber, Sharon
  West, John
Immer-Bell, Beverly Wexler, Whitney
  Wheeler, Larry
Johnson, Paul White-Pillsbury, Joelyn
Jordan, Keith  
Judkins, Jim Wiegel, Pat
  Williams-McCarty, Debbie
Kelley, Steve Williams-Tavernakis, Glenda
Kezon, Kathy Wilson, Eddie
Killion, Gary Wilson, Steve
Kruso-Crandall, Diane Winslow-Boykin, Kim
  Wood, Robert
Ladnier-Brown, Jackie Wood, Ron
Lambrecht, Mike Wright, Robert
Larsen-Gosnell, Cherie  
Lee-Wood, Kathy Zurian, Nancy