...any information will help


In order to limit expenses for postage, printing, paper and labels, we are working VERY hard to contact as many of our alumni electronically as possible.  Between the postage, flyers and labels, our costs have been upwards of $800 in the past as well as an extremely high volume of returns on our mailers.  At this stage in our lives, many have moved on to a new chapter of their lives which will create an even greater number of returned mail than in previous years.  Since most people don't change their e-mail address or phone number(s), this appears to be a more viable option to communicate with our fellow classmates.
The committee would like to thank you in advance for any help you can provide in finding our missing Warriors!
You may contact one of the committee members directly or use the "Contact Me" page on this website.

                                          Class of 1970
Argenta, Patricia M Larsen, Kenneth C
Bacani-Hargrove, Marie D Lawrence, Trudy A
Baily, Michael L Letendre, Tom A
Bales-McCarthy, Joanne B Levy, Marc E
Benton, Kimberley B Loudon, Curtis
Blackwell, James W Lowry-Perrine, Kathleen S
Blount, Roger L Manion, Victoria
Borisenko-Garcia, Sandra A Marshall, Rickey (Rich) J
Borton-Buck, Kimberly A Martin, Michael T
Bresnan, Remi J Martin-Foster, Pamela A
Brothers-Nickols, Joanne G Max, Harvey C
Brown, John M Mayer, Lawrence S
Brown, Michael A McCaslin, Steven C
Burpo, Vernon C McDonald-Wecher, Mary M
Calliham, Vicki J McMahan, Jim
Carter, Gary W Miles, Richard D
Cassidy, James P Miller, Debbie
Clark, David A Mills, James D
Clark, Curtis R Minor, Sherry L
Cox, Deborah E Mitchell, Candis
Coziah, Debra S Moberly, Glenn (Carl) C
Cramer-Denney, Karen A Morgan Jr., Ronald J
Crawford, John H Nesbit-Strand-Jaramillo, Vickie L
Crawford-Jay, Kathy J Nonoshita, Mae L
Davidson-Grmolyes, Penelope I Oberbeck, Edwin C
Davis, Mark S Palmer, Gary W
Davis, Raymond E Parker-Fancy, Gayle
DeVries-Foster, Claudia M Parsons-Grimaud, Kathleen
Dobson, Robert Patschke-Stefan, Janet L
Downer, Michael D Patterson-Burdette, Kathy A
Driscoll, Timothy J Patterson-Delgado, Nina M
Dumont, Michel (Mickey) J Payette, William V
Dunn, Kenneth J Petersen, Rick L
Dunn Jr., Robert G Peterson, Daniel L
Earnest, Mary Peterson-Curnow, Bonnie D
Ebner, Linda S Peterson-Ramos, Debra J
Erickson, Steven C Pettit, Charles R
Etter, Kathleen J Pitchford-Easley, Linda S
Farrell, Richard C Powelson, Norma J
Feist-Albanese, Sheryl J Powers, Dr., Teri  C
Ferguson, Teresa L Quinlan, Guy F
Ferranti, Joelle Ragland, Diane J
Fisher, George M Rapier, Del R
Flaherty, John D Rasmussen, Douglas A
Flores, Jeannie Raulin-Wolf, Janet L
Floyd, Norma R Robillard, Gary D
Ford-Harper, Diane M Roehm, Jack J
Fort, James R Rogers, Norma S
Frederick, Gary W Rohde-Huke, Sharon A
Freng, David L Roma, Robert
Gardner, Timothy M Russell, Rick J
Gausepohl-Blackwell, Teri A Salway-Reinbold, Suzi
Gerety, Daniel F Sandoval, Richard
Gessner, Stephen M Schriefer-Bailey, Kathy S
Gilkey, Robert L Shields, Robert W
Goswami, Subal C Slaton, Gail J
Granatowski, Thomas Smith, Vici
Grandpre, Michael L Smith, Stephen W
Greenwell, Janet Stadler, Steve L
Grimsley-Gerth, Jean L Stahlberg, Roger E
Hammond-Austin, Mary (CeCe) C Stallings, Mark D
Handy III, George (Fred) F Stokley, John D
Harrington III, James M Storz, Arthur (Kip) C
Hash, Thomas G Swanson, Michael A
Hegarty, Thomas A Thomas-Getz, Lori G
Hibbard, Robert Tierney, John J
Hill, Debra (Debbie) Tolson, Robert F
Hoffman Jr., Robert V Torre, Louis
Holmes, Agnes (Kathy) K Tracy, Steve
Horwich, Bruce A Troutman-Paul, Deborah L
Hoyer, Scott M Trulove-Araki, Saundra S
Humphrey-Davis, Marilyn J Turlo, Joy A
Jolley-Gagne, Brenda G Tyner, James R
Jones-Green, Daphne A Waller, Timothy J
Jordan, Brian C Watkins, Glen L
Jordan-Segel, Jill Weatherman, Mike M
Kapon-Ross, Mary D Webb, Herbert R
Keenan, Dennis K Webber, James W
Kent, Clark L Weinstein (Rice), Steven (David)
Killian-Hunton, Anita T Winkler-Cohn, Connie J
Koeller, Charles Wood, Joseph
Kohlhoff, Bruce G Wood, Leonard D
Krueger-Cunningham, Rheba L Worgul III, Frederick W
Langan-Lyons, Maureen D Young-Oeppinger, Deborah S
Larsen, Jonnel E