It is with both honor and fond memory that we pay tribute to our fallen classmates.
If you are aware of a fellow classmate that should be honored but does not appear on this page, please let us know.


Class of 1968
Acuna,  Dianna-Hurst
Ball, Phil
Bandura,  Steve
Buckley, Jim
Bystrom, Chris
Chambers,  Gary
Chilcote, Gayla
Clark,  Kay
Cognac,  Susan
Conley,  Tom
Coshow, Larry
Craig-Phillips, JoAnne
Davis-McCoach, Vickie
Fick, Carol
Foster,  Randy
Eastman,  Bruce
Georger,  Larry
Gierman,  Richard
Grove-Case, Sharon
Hall,  Brent
Hill, Steve
Hogue,  Skip
Jahnz, Cheryl Suzanne
Keene,  Garwin
Kurtik,  Jerome
Ladnier-Sewell, Jeannie
Loney,  Greg
Mannion,  Mike
Martinez, Ilene
O'Brien-Talbott, Debbi Jo
Padrnos-Albert,  Ron
Patten,  Steve
Reed,  Janet
Robillard,  Larry
Shouse,  Paula
Sparks,  Albert
Spurlock, Ted
Vavrek,  Roseanna
Veldheer,  Steve
Watkins,  Steve
Whitehead,  Kirk